Rather than have a lot of content that is quickly obsolete, i instead provide you with occasionally-changing content that is completely substanceless and thus impervious to the ravages of time.

You may remember a blog here. It's currently down due to comment spam. Expect it back up as soon as i need to contribute to the conversation again.

Also, i'm smart and experienced. And i'm available for independent contract work (software development or software architecture). Check out my resume.

You may be here looking for my presentation on Bayes' Theorem. It's an S5 presentation, which means a FireFox-based browser will work best.

Or you may be here looking for my related presentation entitled "Write your own Bayesian classifier!" (as presented at the London Perl Workshop 2007, and at BarCamp Milwaukee 2007.

Perhaps you're looking for my survey presentation entitled "Machine Learning for Fun and Profit" (presented to the Portland Python Users Group in March 2009).

Or you may be an advanced machine learner, and interested in my (mercifully brief) Support Vector Machines lightning talk.

In May of 2010, i gave a lightning talk concerning profile and cProfile to the Portland Python Users Group.

Finally, you might be looking to be a Zombie Protagonist. By which i mean a protagonist against zombies, not a zombie who happens to be heroic.

And, yes, stuff is happening behind the scenes at this site. Slowly.